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Your booking will probably be cancelled badeby our suppliers. Entities that claim to act as "price comparators" are, hip effect, media agencies that redirect consumers to entities like ours against paying a cost per click. These media agencies are sometimes owned by companies operating in the same segment as ours, which has a negative impact on free competition. They are currently in a dominant position in the market and we think that this is to the detriment of the end consumers. Indeed, having taken the place that is theirs today, these entities unilaterally impose unsustainable financial conditions for us, because we work at the fair price to benefit our customers, not to benefit these media agencies. The result is a market concentration in which only a very small circle of majors Online Travel Agencies can survive. You probably also know that the public authorities are currently opening investigation procedures against these entities, notably in Australia, Spain - and most recently, as reported hip the press, in the United States.