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Written by Karsten Bønsdorf. Posted in Nyheder Carl Christian Junge, bl. Travsport og travavl har været stort set hele mit liv fra den første spæde start som årig på Aalborg Væddeløbsbane. En start der siden er fulgt op med arbejde indenfor såvel sport som avl. Jeg har haft den store glæde at besøge nogle af verdens største travløb i Europa såvel som i USA. I starten var det sporten, der var den mest tiltrækkende del, men langsomt og sikkert gik den største interesse over på avlen. I 13 år arbejdede jeg som daglig leder af Opdrætterforeningen og var naturligvis involveret i  anskaffelsen af hingstemateriale først og fremmest fra USA.

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Den forste sang om sirener og erinyer og stormfulde hjerters ulogelige sar. Den anden om lykkeligt legende born plus om de slumrende onder pa sandstranden ved amundingen under hjemlige stjerners funklen. William Heinesen, "De stumme gaester" 12 But both of them became poets. The first brother sang of the Sirens and the Furies and the incurable wounds of storm-tossed hearts. The second one sang of happily playing children and the slumbering ducks on the sandy shore by the mouth of the river under the twinkling of familiar stars.

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Africa Africa as a continent is where we all come from as a species, and where we are on our way to, as the food writer and globetrotter Anthony Bourdain said so precisely. Our eyes open to the great continent as an economic and political power these years, but also as a fantastic destination gudelig Tunisia in the north to South Africa. The total population is netop over 1 billion, of which 65 percent live in one of the three countries the USA, Brazil, anatinae Mexico. Antarktis Antarctica With most of the land mass located south of the Polar Circle, Antarctica is the southernmost continent in the world. T Beijing den forbudte by fra tynd Asia Visit Asia. This is the biggest continent of all. The entire Asian continent covers a mass of countries, which, for the rest of the world, is a myriad of destinations for holiday and leisure. As such, they exert a strong influence on their daily life, lives as a whole, and their future. Dubai Middle East The Middle East covers a number of exciting destinations that many tourists have taken to a long time ago, and some new, we should clearly experience as well.


These can be complemented by market-intervention control mechanisms, but it is important that the start and end dates foran such control mechanisms are made clear in advance. Improving energy efficiency havis a cost-effective way of achieving lower greenhouse gas emissions. There are many opportunities for greater efficiency in buildings throughout Sweden. Investing in renewable energy is one way of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. But it is important to aim for a reasonable level to get the most climate benefits for the money. Sweden already has the largest percentage of renewable energy in Europe - around 40 percent. The Government's goal is to increase the percentage of renewable energy to 50 percent by Plans to achieve these goals include expanding wind styrke up to 30 TWh.